Saturday, August 1, 2009

Revealed: YouTube Is The Antichrist

Krugman Reveals Alcoholism

From his blog:

Bill O’Reilly explaining that of course America has lower life expectancy than Canada — we have 10 times as many people, so we have 10 times as many deaths.
I need a drink.

Eating In Port Townsend, WA

Sweet Laurette's by day, Brassica by night presided over by this guy.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Health Care Bill Today

Waxman apparently got the Progressive Caucus back on board in the House.
All that remains is the wondrous Max Baucus and his buddies Chuck Grassley and some guy named Enzi.
I say, give Maria a call about this. Sept. 15? Way too slow, Max.
"Hello, Sen. Cantwell's office? Please tell my senator to tell her committee chairman to let the Republicans drown in their own spitup. Thank you."
Reconciliation? Wasn't that a Lennon tune? No, Revolution. Right.

UPDATE: Wonk alert

Quote O' Teh Week

I am proud to say I know this judge (Anna Laurie), and I approve this message.
“I’m a Superior Court judge and this is not a court of forgiveness,” Laurie said when she handed down the sentence.
The Navy master chief got the max for child rape

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Forget the New York Times

What are the blogs talking about?
Dr. Who's new costume? Huh? They have blogs over there?
And book burning in Wisconsin? Of course, where else?
Well, maybe Iowa.

From The Kabuki Theater: Act VII

If you think you understand what's going on with the health care bill, you're a better man than I am...wait for it...Gunga Din!
You have to read all the comments, though.
Well, skim 'em anyway.

But You Knew This, Right?

Several financial giants that received federal bailout money in the last year paid out bonuses to employees in 2008 that greatly exceeded the amount of profit generated by the banks, according to a study on executive compensation released by New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo Thursday.

Despite claims by bank executives that bonuses are tied to the company's performance, the report states that "there is no clear rhyme or reason to how the banks compensate or reward their employees."

Cuomo's investigation "suggests a disconnect between compensation and bank performance that resulted in a 'heads I win, tails you lose' bonus system."

According to the report:

• Goldman Sachs, which earned $2.3 billion last year and received $10 billion in TARP funding, paid out $4.8 billion in bonuses in 2008 - more than double their net income.

• Morgan Stanley, which earned $1.7 billion last year and received $10 billion in bailout funds, handed out $4.475 billion in bonuses, nearly three times their net income.

• JPMorgan Chase, which earned $5.6 billion in 2008 and received $25 billion from the government, paid out $8.69 billion in bonus money.
I didn't actually think even they had the guts to be so blatant. Where's my mortgage mod, big guy?

Comment O' Teh Day

From a TPM reader on The Beer Summit:

"The big surprise: Vice President Joe Biden was at the table with the men." (Direct quote from press pool report.)
Normally he has to sit at the card table in the living room.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down On The Farm

after they've seen Twitter?
Quote O' Teh Day (although, to be fair, I haven't looked at Michelle Malkin on the Today Show yet).
“If there is electricity in every village, then people will watch TV till late at night and then fall asleep. They won’t get a chance to produce children,” [Ghulam Nabi Azad] said. “When there is no electricity there is nothing else to do but produce babies.” He added: “Don’t think that I am saying this in a lighter vein. I am serious. TV will have a great impact. It’s a great medium to tackle the problem . . . 80 per cent of population growth can be reduced through TV.”
From — who else? — Andrew Sullivan's blog today.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Eewww! Those Contrarienne Bruises

might be susceptible to a little organic treatment like this:
If you have access to a holistic medicine supply store or in some communities a very well stocked oriental store you can apply a live leech. It will remove the surface blood in a bruise in a few seconds. The leech's saliva also acts as a mild pain killer so you will not feel the leech's bite. This is only recommended if you can be sure that the leech is farm raised and free of disease. Apply rubbing alcohol or petroleum jelly to remove the leach.
If not, here are some other home remedies.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Ashley, Ashley, She's Our God!

God resigns. Any resemblance to other recent resignation speeches purely coincidental.