Saturday, December 4, 2010

Experiment O' Teh Day

The Waffle Shop is run by Calvary Episcopal Church in Memphis. I want to go to there.
I should know how to take a screen shot of their menu, but you'll have to download it yourself because I'm too tired to learn that tonight, I've been fooling around with the scanner and my brain is fried.
So much for the experiment part of this. Just a linkie.

Oh, okay.

There, happy?

Sigh. Click to enlarge.

Did I mention, open only during Lent. Forgot that part.

I mean, how many times have you seen buttermilk on a beverage menu? Like, never.
It's worth the wait. And the trip. Tomato aspic. Gizzards and rice. Chess pie.
Giblets, I meant giblets. Same thing, really.

Friday, December 3, 2010

What They're Listening To These Days

If you'd like to know, there's this.
I haven't tried this because I haven't a clue what happens when I download MP3. I mean, does it go into my iTunes library so I can listen to it? Maybe I'll try it tomorrow. It won't break my computer or anything, will it?

P.S. Um, apparently it takes a long time. 29 minutes. Can I do other things while it's downloading?
I'd ask somebody but it's embarrassing.

P.S.S. OMG, Gil Scott-Heron's on this list.

Bacon! Bacon!

Is Kevin Bacon the new Old Spice guy?
No. But still.

Quote O' Teh Day

sort of like blogging, only easier.
Who else but Gawker on the operation of the 23-year-old Russian spammer believed responsible for, oh, I dunno, a lot of it.

Cheney Countdown

I was shocked to see the picture of Dick Cheney that accompanied the Nigeria story today, and zipped off a quick email to TPM saying so. Yeah, someone replied, he's deteriorated a lot since the last procedure.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Watch Out!

For that skull-lurking monster, no telling what it's up to. Sorry, I kinda love this stuff.
As you read these words, your brain is taking in all kinds of sights and sounds, and zeroing in on a few. It is recalling what you have learned about the forms of letters, the meanings of words, and what information you hope to find on this website. Your brain is making decisions and forming new memories. All the while, it is helping you stay alert and steadily breathe.

Steve Martin Tweets

and suddenly it's news, here, here and here.
Don't waste your time there, just waste it here:

My Happiness Is Not Complete Without...

chocolate covered preserved walnuts.
Just for fun, spend an afternoon with the NYT 2010 gift guide and tell Santa what you need.
...or maybe a Sound Asleep Pillow. Shorty hates it when I listen to music in bed. Interferes with her scratching.

Bad, Bad Charlie Rangel

Talking Points Memo explains for readers who don't really get the difference between reprimand and censure:
Reprimand is harsh looks. Censure is harsh looks with finger wagging.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

YouTube Kitty Porn

This is why there is an internet, no matter how long AT&T tried to keep it from us.

All day, all the time.

You were warned.