Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dept. of Burning Bridges

Apparently you cannot even come back for a visit if the government decides you renounced your citizenship for tax purposes. Also, apparently, that option isn't enforced. On the other hand, in 2010, about 200 people renounced citizenship like the Facebook guy. Last year, nearly 1,800. It's getting to be A Thing for rich people.

Election Update

Andrew Sullivan and Talking Points Memo told me three interesting things today, which deserve to be linked.
1. The Obama SuperPac, which has had trouble raising money, has released a pretty tough ad in selected states focussing on Romney and Bain. The Obama campaign has another ready to go.

2. Romney is not answering questions today, trying to keep reporters away from him, possibly related to anticipated questions about the Bain ad.
3. It's way too early in the election season to make any judgements. In fact, it's likened to pre-season baseball.

Riding with a couple friends yesterday, one of them went into a rant about the birthers. I said who's raising that issue these days, and she couldn't actually think of anything. Then I read this today.