Saturday, March 1, 2008

Open Secret

I leaned to John Edwards and am totally willing to vote for Hillary in the general if she gets the nomination.
But I've been a solid Obama supporter since the New Hampshire primary. I'm sick of the Clintons for all the dirty campaign tactics, but I believe she can beat McCain.
I think Obama can do even better and those of you who know me know I am not the cult type.
His opposition to the war, of course, is the main reason. I don't like Hillary's support for that vote, as well as her yes vote on the Kyl-Lieberman amendment that could be seen as a first step towards authorizing an attack on Iran could be nearly as bad.
It's clear Obama is pulling in independents, even some Republicans and his campaign's ground game is impressive.
I plan to be part of it tomorrow by making some calls to one of the four states holding primaries (in Texas it's the weird primacaucus) on Tuesday.
You call on your own nickel, so I don't know how that might affect you folks. You can get a phone card and it's pretty cheap. Don't know how the cell minutes work, since I live in a black hole.
Anyway, if you want, here's the place to go to sign up for it.

The Ralph Nader of The Pill

Barbara Seaman has died. I never heard of her either, but she was a constant and consistent advocate for women's health, helping change the way women advocated for themselves. Her criticism of the amount of estrogen contained in The Pill changed things for all of us. And for that, I'm grateful.

Early Election Returns Are In

Compliments of the good folks at The Onion. h/t Tom K.

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early

Friday, February 29, 2008

Free Rice

Keep forgetting to put this up.

Depression, Not That That's a Bad Thing

Recently released study says that anti-depressants may not work for anyone other than the deeply depressed. Maybe they don't have to.

Why Don't the Democrats Do Anything?

Cuz it just isn't working right now. Wait until Jan. 2009, says Mcjoan. I trust her judgement.

Late Breaking: Contempt

True to his promise, U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey told House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that he declines to prosecute former White House officials Josh Bolten and Harriet Meirs for contempt of Congress for refusing to answer subpoenas to appear and testify about the White House involvement in the politicization of the Department of Justice.
(This is the old U.S. Attorney's scandal and you may remember nine of them were fired, even though they were Bush appointees, supposedly because they refused to prosecute trumped up political charges for political allies.
In Seattle, John McKay was fired, and the evidence so far indicates it was over his decision not to prosecute anyone over Dino Rossi's loss to Chris Gregoire for governor.
The FBI investigated and found no wrongdoing. A Bush appointed judge in Eastern Washington found no evidence to justify a lawsuit. Secretary of State Sam Reed, a Republican, found no evidence of wrongdoing.
The R's in this state were, and still are, livid.)
So, what's the next step?
The House leadership will likely pursue court action, and it could take the rest of the Bush term to resolve.

The Knu Knut

His name is Wilbaer. Mom is Corinna.

Feminists In This Campaign

Someone calling herself The Zaftig Redhead has put it together so well that I am in awe.
Teaser quote: of the things feminists do best -- like Democrats -- is kick the crap out of each other

My response:
wow, brings back the bad old days of being criticized for shaving my legs, Mormon men from Utah bringing their women in to destabilize the Washington State Women's Conference and the fear tactics used to rally the founding mothers of Seattle NOW to fend off a takeover by the Socialist Workers Party by getting out the vote to overwhelm an alternative slate of chapter candidates, of which I was a co-president candidate.
I learned my politics there and I cherish the memories.
It was the choice issue used against Obama in New Hampshire that clinched my support for him.

Meanwhile, Down in Texas

Vlogging the Campaign
Hillary first

Barack responds

Contrarienne remembers (hat tip some commenter)


I still don't quite get this social networking thing, although it's on the list. Do middle-aged feminist female progressives who enjoy wicked humor want a network of their own. Who knows, maybe they already have one and I just haven't found it yet.
Then this morning someone commenting on a post at Firedoglake suggested readers Digg it and I did, even though I quit digging a long time ago because Digg didn't seem to remember me.
Then right after that, I got this:
Hey there! june is your latest fan. She became your fan because she likes what you are up to on Digg and wants to see what you think is interesting. You can either leave her as a fan or add her to your own list of friends.

So there are people out there automatically signed up who automatically sign you up. June, it turns out, has 299 friends and I am one. Who knew?

At Last, I Found Something

Three whole hours on the intertubes this morning and I'm thinkin' "I got nothin,' nothin'!" when lo and behold I try Wonkette. Even though I list Wonkette over there on the right in a prominent position, I stopped reading daily a long time ago (well, okay, for the last month) because it's too funny and inside baseball and Megan Carpentier, the site's former Anonymous Lobbyist, was gone and there were no more women posting on a site once run by a single woman, Ana Marie Cox, who got a better gig at Time's Swampland.
Guess who Wonkette featured? Megan, now at a likely better paying gig at Glamour and, she's still funny.
As in:
Take the political quiz below, and score yourself after the jump. Don't forget to leave your score in the comments.

1. Hillary Clinton is...
A. Proof that you can't wear tapestry blazers with Nehru collars and win an election
B. Yet another woman who will never be President. There are about 152 million of us after all.
C. An insatiably power-hungry spawn of the devil married to the least ethical President in modern history.
D. Some blonde lady on the teevee that looks kind of like my mom but with better make-up.

Just click the link above and take the test, even if you're no longer 12 years old. Support Megan Carpentier.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Clintons: A Little History You Didn't Want to Know

Morris was eventually tossed aside after he was caught reading polling data to his prostitute as she sucked on his toes, but Penn stuck around and led Clinton to a resounding 49% performance against Bob Dole.

Okay, how long have the names Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, David Addington, et al rung a bell?
Me neither.
So now, Harold Ickes, Dick Morris (remember Dick Morris? No, why would you?) Mark Penn are back in our vocabulary.

Today's Must Read

The cost of the Iraq War, heretofore not really explained, is explained by one of the leading economists in the United States.
Trouble is, he falls into the same liberal fallacy that I think in the end insults my intelligence. There should be no if/than proposition in the argument. Are we to take seriously the assertion that we might have borrowed this much money from China and other sources to cure poverty or feed the world? I don't think so.
I'm sure there's a name for this logical fallacy, but I'm not going to look it up.

There Oughtta Be a Vaccine

Little known fact about cooties. World War I vets in America formed an organization called Cooties because that's what they got in the trenches.

Are You Even Necessary?

Who needs the ability to calculate sales tax. The ability to make change. The ability to change a typewriter ribbon. Cursive handwriting. Ability to drive a manual transmission car. Mapreading.
It's all here.
All the obsolete skills in one easy reference place.
I would add "the ability to write he said/she said stories for a down-market news reading audience" but I don't want to disclose too much. Or hurt anybody's feelings.

Funniest Woman in America

I used to think it was Sara Silverman. Well, actually, it used to be Sara Silverman.
But no more. Samantha Bee classic.

Hillary Was Right, They're Out To Get Her

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sex, Lies and Damned Lies

Obama's a closet Muslim. Hillary's a lesbian. McCain's a cheater.
What's true, what's not?
Now that the campaign season is about to reach a feverish level as the race narrows to two candidates, there will be all sorts of accusations out there. Some are generated by sloppy, lazy or deliberately misleading information put out by the candidates themselves.
Some will come from the dreaded 527s, the outside political groups organized to promote a candidate or attack the opponent without being directly controlled by his or her campaign. The infamous Swift Boat Veterans for Truth that went after John Kerry in 2004 were such a success that they became a new word.
Without further ado, below are the places you should go for credible, non-partisan fact checking, and there's a story about them here.


The Fact Checker

For general urban legend — albino alligators in NYC sewers, microwaved poodles — and political factchecking, also see

William F. Buckley. Hey, It's Cultural History

There was an article making the rounds yesterday about some study showing teenagers today have not enough historical or literary education to identify references to their own culture.
I for one am thankful for the term crypto-Nazi, I use it daily.
The exact quote, on national TV, was "Now listen you goddam queer, stop calling me a crypto-Nazi..."
Classic. Buckley v. (Gore) Vidal letting their differences hang out at the '68 Democratic Convention in Chicago. Dates me, I know.

I Miss Molly Ivins

I see that remark a lot on progressive threads out in Blogiskistan. I hear it from my friends.
So, in remembrance of William F. Buckley, who died today still opposing the Iraq War and favoring the legalization of marijuana, and who I also sort of miss, a little Molly riff:
In World War I, they went around kicking dachshunds on the grounds that dachshunds were "German dogs." They did not, however, go around kicking German shepherds. The minute someone impugns your patriotism for opposing this war, turn on them like a snarling dog and explain what loving your country really means.
From Hillary Won't Save Us.

Pop Psyching the Candidates

Remember the Meyers-Briggs formulation? Uncanny.

Hillary the Guardian.
Barack the Idealist.
McCain the Artisan.

Don't say you weren't warned, writes Emily Hoffe in Slate.


Maybe you've heard about the little verklempt moment on The View as fellow hosts consoled a teary Whoopie Goldberg on Monday because the Academy Awards producers left her memorable Oscar moments out of the segment celebrating past hosts.
Well, someone did a little research to fill in the blanks.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Iraq Withdrawal? Fooled Ya!

The Republicans on Tuesday surprised their Senate colleagues by agreeing to debate Sen. Russ Feingold's bill to begin troop withdrawals in 120 days.
But don't be fooled, they aren't going to support it, and neither will 24 Democratic senators who voted against the measure opening up the debate.
The R's think they can make some political capital by showing on the floor of the Senate how everything is going so well, what with violence down and some alleged political progress.
At least that's what they say.
Really, though, they just want to postpone the expected debate about the dreaded banking bill.

New York State Senate Surprise!

But why should we care, way the hell out here? Well, they haven't elected a Democrat in the district for more than 100 years. Kos doesn't make it any more than New York politics, but ya know, I gotta wonder if there's something below the radar. Something bigger.

Tonight's Democratic Debate w/Update

between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is likely the last one of the Democratic primary season.
It starts on MSNBC at 6 p.m. PST.
There's only one week to go until the crucial Texas and Ohio primaries, and the Clinton campaign has been throwing everything out there it can think of in hopes that something will stick.
Depending on who you listen to, she must win both, she must win at least one, she must win both by big margins to have a chance.
Over the weekend, it became pretty clear that the Republicans believe they'll be running against Obama as the machine churned out specious attacks on his patriotism, his — nonexistent — ties to black su
premacists, his supposed naivete, his intention to actually talk to leaders of Muslim states, blah-blah. Oh, yeah, his wife.
So given that this is my last chance, I'm going to try liveblogging the debate.
UPDATE: Couldn't liveblog after all, MSNBC online was funky, apparently because so many people were logging on to it. Oh well, if you didn't see it, there will be plenty of clips and commentary out there. Try You Tube.
Let me know what you think.


Supposedly a new vote is scheduled in the House later this week on the FISA/PAA fight over immunity for telecoms who colluded with the Bush administration to illegally spy on Americans' phone, email and other communications. We now know the practice has been going on since Feb. 2001, shortly after Bush took office and long before 9/11.
Yet it is the administration's position that they need to be able to spy without warrants in order to protect us from terrorists.
We also know that the 40-some lawsuits and ensuing discovery process is the only way we will ever learn who in the administration authorized the illegal wiretaps. If immunity is authorized, the crimes go unproven and unpunished.
What Can You Do?
If you haven't already signed the petition to House members, go here.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Osama Obama: Drudge Who?

At least that's what some people said is the implication of a photo of him in Somali native costume during a 2006 trip to Africa.
Supposedly spread by disgruntled Clinton campaign staffers according to Matt Drudge who runs a popular online news aggregator whose claim to fame is breaking the Lewinsky spotted dress story.
Staffers claim if there was a photo like that of Hillary, the press would be all over it but they tread lightly with Obama.
Drudge is often the source for nasty rumors that quickly make it to FOX News, then CNN, then everyone else and it has today and that's what happened today.
This is often how the news works, and I bet most of you never heard of Matt Drudge and avoid FOX like the plague.
Anyway, brighten up, Congress reconvenes tomorrow.

Action Alert: McCain Financing

Howard Dean, head of the Democratic National Committee, has a petition up that you can use to add your signature to the Federal Elections Commission complaint to force the FEC to make McCain stick to his public financing pledge.
I'm not going to go into all the detail, I'm not sure I can. But basically right after McCain came out and tried to inaccurately allege that Obama had pledged to take public financing in the general (he didn't, he said he'd negotiate terms with the Republican nominee, and said it in writing, it was discovered that McCain had sort of shot himself in the foot with a campaign loan predicated on later federal funding and something to do with the Ohio candidate process that is so arcane I almost ground my teeth to stumps not reading about it.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

60 Minutes on Don Seigelman's Prosecution

is here

Update: Controversy on the blogs over the fact that an Alabama CBS affiliate run by brothers with strong ties to Bush and Co. ran pictures of its darkened parking lot during most of the Seigelman piece, claiming feed problems from New York. CBS NY says no feed problems.
Conspiracy or accidental goof? Who knows? GOP in AL put out very misleading statement. Apparently 60 Minutes has much more, no one seems to know whether they plan to air it.

Oscars! Gowns...liveblog (as if you care)

polished boobs, etc.

4:42 p.m. Okay, so the worst dress of the evening so far is sadly worn by Daniel Day Lewis' wife Rebecca Miller, daughter of playrite (damn spellcheck!) Arthur Miller.
It was black with some sort of black velvet flowers streaming down the middle and...wait for it...wait for velvet bows as straps! Omigod, I missed the matching piping on his tux, and the shoes, both of them.
Oh wait, no, there's Tilda Swinton wearing something like a black robe from Hogwarts. I also happen to know that she lives with a very interesting older m
an, the father of her children, and has a much younger lover, French I think. Good on, Tilda.
Speaking of really bad gowns, I don't suppose Aretha's coming. Okay, she does it on purpose, but what can the purpose be? Aretha wants my eyes to hurt?

Trivia ? What ever happened to Helen Hunt. A. She's directing.

5:47 George Clooney, mmmm. Where's Brad? Where's Leo? Where's Matt? Oh, that's right, he's in bed with Sara Silverman.
Jon was funny, but not as good as Billy Crystal.

5:55 Okay, I didn't like Ratatouille all that much but I like ratatouille and know how to make it. But the acceptance was good.

Guess I have to see the Piaf movie after all.

(One hour until 60 Minutes, what will I do?)

Songs. Is Enchanted on your Netflix list yet? Is Amy Adams the new Julie Andrews?
(Is bitch the new black?)

Visual Effects, The Rock, blah blah.

Note: A lot of the audience celebrities are caught chewing gum or something, including Daniel. Will he get rid of it before he accepts?

Art, Set: There Will Be Blood? No, Sweeney Todd. Haven't seen either. Blanchett is pretty preggers. Depp's wife has one of those charming gaps between her front teeth.

Supporting Actor. Javier? Hal? Presenter Jennifer Hudson from last year's Dream Girls. When Eddie didn't win, he walked out in a huff. Okay, I just think that anything Phillip Seymour does is Oscar worthy, and I haven't seen Charlie Wilson's War yet. Okay, I like Tom Wilkinson, too and I haven't seen that either. God, I haven't seen much.
Javier, of course, he brought his mother. What did he say. How dare he speak in Spanish. Immigration reform. Get that fence up.
Supporting actress, Alan Arkin, mmmm Wait Until Dark.
Cate, I want Cate. Amy Ryan. Tilda. All Good, Ruby, yea.
Tilda. Wow. She didn't expect to win. And she's still in that Black. Robe.
She's great, actually.

6:44 I don't know who Jessica Alba is. She's wearing something in eggplant. Technical awards. Is it time for 60 Minutes?

The Coen brothers, adapted screenplay. Really weird guys. Fargo, mmm.
Is it time for 60 Minutes?

Worst Production Number of the Century. This Oscar nominated song by Chenowith in some grey, fashiony thing with a Rasta man. This girl has no rhythm. Stewart has got to be laughing.
Lead actress coming up and 60 Minutes is looming. What will I do. Surf.

(Time out for 60 Minutes. Devastating piece on politically motivated prosecution of former Democratic Governor of Alabama Don Siegalman, Karl Rove behind it.)

Song, the "Once" couple. Dublin, mmmm.

Another stupid song from Enchanted, Travolta looks like his hair has been painted on, yeah, Once couple takes it. (Male of couple, Glen Hansard was in The Commitments, one of the few movies I actually own.

"Make art, make art," he says. Shot it in three weeks for $100,000 with handicams.

Screenplay--Diablo Cody for Juno, the only former phone sex worker
among the nominees. She not only invented herself and her story, but her name. Cool, real tears.

It's Daniel, everybody knew it would be. He's not chewing gum. How come his tux had red piping in the still, but not live? I forgot to look at his shoes. He was w

earing desert boots before.
Denzel is shaving his head and has grown a beard.
Good night.
In Memoriam: Kinda sad, all those old people and last, Heath Ledger.

Ralph Nader Again? Erm, No

Dreary But Necessary: 60 Minutes Tonight

Scott Horton at Harper's and Glenn Greenwald at Salon both are strongly recommending skipping the Oscars between 7 and 8 tonight and watching 60 Minutes instead. Horton, an expert on the politicization of the Department of Justice by Karl Rove, says it's a deep and explosive piece.
So, I'm not looking for someone to Tivo it after all.
By the way, Horton is also an extremely credible and active attorney involved in lots of progressive causes. He has a new article out in Harper's about all this.
Unfortunately, it's only available to subscribers online, so I guess I'll have to pop for the magazine at the stand.

Bitchin'! Hillary Fans Like It

and I know that none of us stayed up late enough to watch.

Take A Survey

A college student in New York has put up a survey asking people how they get their information as part of his senior project. It's quick and easy and I trust it because he's a member of Daily Kos. Help him out if you want here.