Sunday, March 20, 2011

For A Good Read, Try NYT

while it's still free.
But I digress.
My mouth is watering over this.
Like many classic New York tales, the story of Mr. Kruger and his shadow family involves love, money, conflict and real estate.
It is a story of an internecine political world of favor-trading and access-peddling.
It is a story of an obscure waterfront expanse of garish mansions and decadent cars, a pocket of wealth unreachable by buses and subways and unseen by most city residents.
And, now, it is a story of unwanted attention.

Beulah Land

Takes me to my knees. Every time.

I'll Be Bouba, You Be Kiki

Tried to read all this review of the hot new brain book but, I'll be honest, it was long. So I skimmed. Basically I wanted more summary, less discursive analysis. But, as always, a lot to ponder.