Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah! II

My definition of feminism: When incompetent and/or corrupt women have equal opportunity to incompetent and/or corrupt men.

So saith Andrew Sullivan:
— Stevens and Young, redux. She has distanced herself from the state’s two most popular politicians, but both appeared at Palin fundraisers during her 2006 gubernatorial bid.

— The environment. As governor, Palin vetoed wind power and clean coal projects, including a 50-megawatt wind arm on Fire Island and a clean coal facility in Healy that had been mired in a dispute between local and state governments.

— And, maybe, censorship. According to the Frontiersman newspaper, Wasilla’s library director Mary Ellen Emmons said that "Palin asked her outright if she could live with censorship of library books.” Palin later dismissed the conversation as a “rhetorical” exercise.

So one tenth of her campaign financing in 2002 was from oil company bosses, she's being investigated by her own legislature for a scandal where she appointed a sexual harasser, she vetoed wind and clean coal energy projects, and wanted to impose Christianist censorship on public libraries. I mean: did anyone even vet her?

Palin's Web Site

was scrubbed of this timely little reminder of how politics in Alaska works. But we, the progressive blogosphere, know how to find things.
Should remind you, Stevens is under federal indictment — seven counts — for accepting "gifts" from oil interests. Essentially, they built him a new house.

UPDATE: Oops, I must have been nodding out. Meant to a link to video of Sen. Ted Stevens speaking for Palin during her campaign for governor. Take my word for it.

Obama Bio Video From Last Night

McCain's Base

Oh, and PUMAs.


Will McGrumpy

call Sarah Palin a *c* word, too, like he did his wife?
Oh, and as Talking Points Memo reminds us, she comes with her own scandal.

I don't have anything against Sarah Palin except for the usual bias against pro-lifers and other conservative crazy thinking.
The Heaths were avid outdoors enthusiasts; Sarah and her father would sometimes wake at 3 a.m. to hunt moose before school, and the family regularly ran 5k and 10k races.[

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Post-Speech Comment O' Teh Day

from jeanrenior at Huffpo:
The original smart call on Obama was David Brooks' column starting off with "What saps the Republicans have been about Obama," then going on to argue that the saps had bought his "Obambi" image, just as wanted them too, to set them up for the surprise of discovering they're actually in a fight to the death with a real Chicago political street fighter. I say this all in praise of Brooks, though Brooks himself acted as if Obama had somehow fallen from grace when Brooks figured this out himself. More power TO Obama for sucking his opponents in, until they foolishly commit themselves with his trap and get cut to pieces. The Democrats haven't had this kind of fighter since JFK's machine, which was also centered on Chicago politics, where Daley no doubt stole the election from Nixon in the clutch. Thank God. Clinton, Carville, and crew were pikers compared to Obama and Axelrod at political warfare. You have to feel a little sorry for poor McCain. He's way too old for this fight, and he was never smart enough for it at any age.

Namecalling 101


Some Advice from Another Contrarienne

Her name is Theda Skocpol
for all of it go here

It is time for all of us -- professional experts and commentators, too -- to cease self-importance (listen up, Carville) or distanced and pallid commentary (that means you Harold Ford and Mark Shields) and join the fight of our lives. This election matters like only a few others in the history of the United States. Our nation will either move forward, or fall down very far -- think of what it will mean in and about America if we cannot grasp the bright potential Obama's candidacy embodies! The battlefield has been set, and all of us should network, speak, write, give money, and do whatever we can to achieve the November victories for Obama/Biden and Democrats all down the ticket that offer the opening wedge toward a better tomorrow.



First known picture of Michael Phelps

(Hat tip to  this guy.

About That Schweitzer Speech

He adlibbed it, refusing to give the speech vetted by the Obama campaign. And he excited people, the way he'd planned. Obama's people need to learn from this. They didn't control the Big Dog either, and he was great.

Vote for This Contrarienne's Recipe

and help her win money and CHEESE!

Remember August 29, 2005?

Waiting for Convention

Today's the day, 45 years to the day MLK gave the Dream speech. NPR had a short piece this morning on the history of that speech. Apparently King abandoned his prepared text about halfway through and, at the urging of Mahalia Jackson who was standing behind him saying "tell them about the dream, Martin," did so.
It's a grey day here, and misty. Talk is that Hurricane Gustav might interfere with Republican plans for Monday. Somebody thinks McCain will choose Condi. How can you have a vice president who can never leave the country for fear of being taken into custody and tried for war crimes? Come to think of it, why hasn't that happened yet?

Anyway, here's a little early morning reading from the Wapo. Nugget:
Committee chairmen have been advised to steer clear of troop withdrawal legislation until the spring, to give Obama time to mobilize a diplomatic offensive and get the Iraqi government and its neighbors more involved in maintaining regional stability.
In tandem with that challenge, the prospect of defeat on an issue as big as universal health insurance is already kindling memories of 1994. Some Democrats argue that Obama should start with universal health insurance for children and a federally backed catastrophic health insurance fund that would lower the costs of traditional insurance policies and take the pressure off businesses tempted to drop employee coverage.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Clooney and Swinton

together again!

Picture O' Teh Day

from the floor of the DLC.

Poll Workers Needed

Sign up here. I like these Credo people, I'd switch to their cellphones if I didn't live in a black hole.

Hillary's Face

gets a close analysis at a wonderful new Web site called In Your Face.

Comment O' Teh Day

from jsterets over at Huffpo.
We're talking about a University of Chicago progressive. Of course Obama never had any intention of running against Wall Street like he runs against Big Oil. Markets work, in Obama's view, but it's government's responsibility -- not the markets' -- to promote an equitable distribution of wealth. He's a free market redistributionist, which is why Warren Buffet likes him so much.

As for the MIC, I think Obama will move us left on missile defense and nuclear disarmament. I think he'll cut from the Pentagon and perhaps invest a little more in the CIA and FBI. We'll shift from force projection and counterinsurgency to intelligence and co-option. It will be a cheaper, less troop-intensive force with hopefully less weapons system pork.
I think it's a bit of a stretch to think Obama's law school teaching position puts him into the econ. dept's fold, although he does have that Gosbee guy as an advisor, and he's a U of C economist.
But the second part of the comment bears watching.
Too inside baseball for ya?

Post-Convention Organizing

starts this weekend, and here's where to find an event near you.

Wow. Just Wow.

Look, I owe the American people an apology. If I had beaten the old man you’d of never heard of the kid and you wouldn’t be in this mess. So it’s all my fault and I feel that very, very strongly.

From Michael Dukakis.

There's Only One Way

to understand what's really going on. Be a contrarienne and search out as much as you can about the topic (this will take between four and 12 hours a day, seven days a week, for the rest of your life).
Or just read me. Because I have become compulsive about it.
Today, enough people out in the 'sphere were talking about something on Media Matters that I went over there and read it.
Normally Media Matters is too inside baseball unless you're a junkie, and contrariennes are not junkies, they're smart. Except for Founding Mother.
Anyway, if you still believe that there are any reliably competent and honest reporters out there, consider this snippet:
Searching the recent news archives, it's hard to find many articles or television segments that reported on Clinton's symbolic nomination and also mentioned that runner-up Jerry Brown had been nominated in '92 or that Jesse Jackson had been nominated in '88 or that Gary Hart had been nominated in '84. (You get the idea.)
When The New York Times reported on Clinton's pending nomination, it made no reference to historical precedents. Neither did The Boston Globe, nor The Wall Street Journal, nor The Washington Post. And on and on and on.
On CNN, Jack Cafferty commented, "The Democratic National Convention is now shaping up to be quite a party for Hillary Clinton. Her name will be placed in nomination. She'll give a prime-time address." He made no mention that that's what previous runners-up had done at conventions.

Another Great Speech

You can skip the first part and fast forward (put mouse on arrow, move to right) to about the last seven of Brian Schweitzer's 15 minutes at the convention.
I've already told you I would marry him. I'm rethinking the part about not living on the ranch. But I won't be riding any horses for sure.

She Chose the Apricot One

Dana Milbank — who henceforth shall be known as "the other Dana" to differentiate his hackiness (hmm, should I instead call him "His Hackiness"?) from Dana Priest, who is a woman and an outstanding reporter — calls it orange, but I calls it apricot.
Best Hillary speech evah, some say.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Quote O' Teh Day

They own us, they sold us, and now they're taking out loans on us.
contrarinne, Aug. 26, 2008

Do Not Read Anything Datelined Associated Press (AP)

Catharsis time! (3+ / 0-)

Recommended by:
RenaRF, L Boom, Liberal Pagan

Ron Fournier is a piece of shit. Try it, it's fun!

Just sayin' You don't have time to look at all the research and details but the AP has become a laughing stock in the progressive 'sphere, which researches everything.

Hillary Tonight!

Okay, I decided I should add something here. I admired the fact that she did not choose elongated jackets to hide her 60-year-old thighs. Ewww, just writing that made me think of my own.

The Blogger's Prayer

with apologies to Red Green (guilty pleasure).

I am a blogger
But I can change
Of I have to
I guess

The DNC Drinking Game

brought to you by the New Republic, whose neo-liberal views on the Iraq War and other hawkish stances on foreign relations in general have caused the once-proud liberal journal to be viewed as Rino by progressives everywhere.
This is probably the best thing they've published in four years.

Take a drink if you see Jesse Jackson trying to get a peek at the convention through an air conditioning vent.

Take a drink if--when--the crowd screams for a Harry Reid encore.

Take a drink every time Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper humiliates a Republican...also known as "getting Hickenloopered."

Take a drink every time Hillary says something bad about Obama in the secret code language that all white people know.

Never Mind Ellen and Whatshername

here's the best New California wedding I've seen.
 As of July 27, this happy woman went from my sister-not-exactly-in-law, her status for the past two decades, to my actual legal sister-in-law. And the woman she's hugging became her legal mother-in-law, instead of the unofficial relative who comes to visit for a month every year, whose medical care she frets over, and whose new living arrangements she researched. (Did I mention that Mindy, who has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, is now a stay-at-home mom? How traditional can you get? Steve and I are the radical ones.)

In fact, I think the Legislature should rename the state in recognition of what will someday be New United States.
Oh, wait, how can I monetize that?

The blog owner, Virginia Postrel, is a well-known libertarian (read pro-market economy) which, somehow makes sense in the context of gay marriage and the whole choice thing. But libertarians make me really nervous, almost as much as too much sunshine in the Pacific Northwest. We have had so much rain this month that I am actually happier than I've been in a long time. Oh, said, it could be the Cynbalta, couldn't it?

I Watched Michelle

Did you? No? Here.

P. $. $end her $ome love ($pelled $-$-$-E)

Somebody New Who's Funny

and liberal.
Andy Borowitz. I have no idea if he's on TV, a stand-up or what cuz I'm too lazy to read the "about."
But you're grownups, you can read it if you want. I just like to read him enough to mention it.


is no longer an inside joke for contrariennes who will vote for Obama. PUMAs are batshit crazy and we will not be associated.
Follow the link. Do not tell me you had no idea.

Namecalling 101

Dept. of InJustice
Dept. of "We Used To Count On It For" Justice
Dept of Just Us.

You Don't Want to Read This

but you need to. It's eight pages long and recommended as a "summary" of Obama's position on the economy. We're supposedly most interested in the economy among all election issues. So I challenge you. Prove it. Read it.
No, I haven't yet. It's not yet 7:30 in the morning and I haven't had my second cup of coffee nor all my meds. I may even go back to bed, so I'll read it later.

Monday, August 25, 2008


C'mon, this is historical. Might as well get the history right.

ut after he became President, Johnson risked everything, including his own office and the Democratic Party’s electoral future, to pass the landmark bills for civil rights in 1964 and voting rights in 1965. He achieved greater things in domestic legislation than any President other than F.D.R. He achieved far more than the man he succeeded, John F. Kennedy. Johnson’s Presidency represented the zenith of American liberalism, and its downfall.
For decades Johnson has been a pariah in the Democratic Party, because
of the disaster into which he led the country in Vietnam. And
today, because of our complex racial politics, even his successes, which partly redeem the sins of his war, can’t be attributed to Johnson.

Dem Conventions Past

More cowbell, er, balloons.

Cloris Leachman

is the kind of dirty old (82) woman I can only dream of becoming.

McCain So Vain

he thinks this song is about him. Heh.

Relief Is Just Around the Corner

Not only is the election a mere 70-some days away, but the fall movie season is looming.
I know I'll go to see Oliver Stone's "W," but I didn't know I would also be treated to a Coen Bros. comedy about a bumbling crew of would-be blackmailers with some of my favorite actors.
"At last, Swinton and Clooney together again!"
And who but Malkovich could get away with the line "you are a legion of morons."
Trailer for Burn After Reading.

The Hug Poster

pass it on.

PUMAs Stink

More than a new fragrance. It's a temper tantrum in a bottle. Catharsis.

Namecalling 101, ch. 2



The Subject Is Christianists

and the site is sadlyno and the commenter is Were Bear at 2:07 AUG. 23, 2008. Comment O' Teh Week
Dammit, now I can’t get the mental image of the Crapture out of my head.
Let’s quit all the half-measures like “giving them an island” and invest the money to actually send them to the moon. They can set up their own colony and run it the way they would like.
It’s a dead world, so they don’t have to worry about the environment.
No one is there, so they don’t have to worry about indigenous people showing up and demanding rights.
They’re that much closer to their Sky God.
And with sufficient hard, Puritan, work ethic, the can go ahead and make it flat.
As a descendant of people (Irish people) were deported by their own benefactors, the landed gentry, a mix of Irish born and English demi-mobility if I recall correctly (and that rarely happens.)


I don't know. You tell me.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


As usual, thank you Stranahan.

I Hated the First Gulf War, Too

But my memory's a bit fuzzier than cocktailhag's over at Glenn Greenwald:
I noticed a poster, Jay Gold, rather retardedly criticizing Biden for being wrongly (! )against the first Gulf War. Before this slips down the MCI memory hole, I'd like to point out that the first Gulf War, which was sold with the same kind of deceptions and BS, and for the same reasons (i.e, making a failed, pussy Bush look manly) was one of the main causes of 9/11 and our recent unpleasantness. Those smart enough to oppose that war, which was nothing more than a trade show to vanquish the feared Peace Dividend (covertly) and the Vietnam Syndome (loudly and explicitly) were right. Got it?
Here in Portland, I attended the largest peace rally in the US against that war, and had my lovely hometown labeled "Little Beirut" for it. Senator Mark Hatfield stalled the authorization in the Senate, and the public was deeply, and wisely, ambivalent about it. That war brought forth the Orwellian state we now enjoy, with "embedded" reporters, "support the troops" smackdowns, and all the rigaramarole that is the cause of the US's current impotence and bankruptcy, moral and otherwise.
For Biden to have been against that war may well be the the best argument of all for his intelligence and prescience.
Hatfield, sadly, in his doddering and corrupt old age, tossed aside his lifelong skepticism about militarism, and wrote a bonkers and absurd Op/Ed for the Oregonian, endorsing the Second Iraq War, and promptly fell down a flight of stairs and was never heard from again.
Karma works in strange ways, but I don't think Biden has anything to fear from it.

Speaking of Books

David Carr is the media critic for the NYT and recently published his autobiography, The Night of the Gun, which deals with his earlier years as a crack and alcohol addict. It has become a sensational best seller.
He's a pretty articulate guy in this interview.
When you are not a drunk or an addict, it is hard to understand why what Pavlov called 'the blind force of the subcortex' will compel you to do dumb stuff. I didn't set out to be a lunatic, I just liked getting high more than normal people.

Magazine Called Intelligent Life

Who knew. Oh, you knew that, too?

Anyway, I love these.

Still Plowing

the fertile fields of lit., and ran across this review of a book called A Stopover in Venice.
Walker's prose can come across like she's straining to write capital-L literature, but that likely won't scare off the book groups. (Aug.) 

Just Foolin' Around On Teh Intertubes

today and came across Amazon's August picks which includes a kinda, sorta fun sounding book by a woman whose first name is Brunonia. I have never heard that name, so I found an interview with her on NPR and the first chapter of her book The Lace Reader, which was a good read.
I can't recommend it to my book club because we don't allow hardcover choices.
We're cheap, and holding a hardcover hurts the wrist of one of us.
But I'll recommend it to you.
She has a blog, too.

UPDATE: There are trailers for books, too? Who knew? Oh, you did.


Sometimes they call him Sen. Joe Biden, D—MBNA or the senator for Bank America.
But even the libertarians have a certain affection for our future vice president.
Without further ado, three reasons Biden is sort of a jerk, and three reasons he's just fabuliousus.
I like No. 2 in the second category the best.
2. Liberalism with a tough-guy face. Biden is exactly the kind of Democrat who would be winning easily this year if the party's voters hadn't gotten so distracted by that hopeful guy, that creepy lawyer guy, and that angry ex-president's wife. He is a doctrinaire liberal who has remained, nevertheless, completely relatable and C-movie tough. Apart from the 2005 Bankruptcy Bill (which sucked wind for reasons that should bother partisans of any side), there's nothing in his economic record, or interest-group voting record that should give liberals a second's pause. He helped throttle the nomination of Robert Bork, thereby saving Roe v. Wade for two decades. Between that and his authorship of the Violence Against Women Act, he'll lock up those Hillary voters who aren't just interested in throwing fits.
Although "some people" hold his performance at the Clarence Thomas hearings against him. Old news.

Namecalling 101

I am not immune to the temptation, having been known to allude to Shrubya on occasion. But the 'spere has its own evolution. I will try to keep up and inform you when someone comes up with something amusing and possibly even useful.
Today it is POW=prisoner of W. Heh.

Just For Fun...And Money, Of Course

Somebody has tied a bunch of Obama heads to blue flip-flops and you can buy a pair for $30. The price is the same for a red McCain pair.
I won't give you the link, cuz I know you don't want to go there.