Thursday, January 10, 2013

Answers to Downton Quiz


The Dowager Countess, Lord Grantham's Mother
Miss O'Brien, Lady Grantham's maid
Cora, Lady Grantham
Mrs. Levinson, Cora's mother
Miss Reed, Mrs. Levinson's maid
Edith, Grantham daughter
Mary, Grantham daugher
Anna (Bates, Mary's maid)
Mrs. Hughes, housekeeper
Mrs. Pattmore, cook
Daisy, kitchen maid
Unnamed female dinner guest

Lord Grantham
Mr. Carson, butler
Sir Anthony
Tom Branson, Sybil's husband
Larry Gray, Sybil's former flame
Mr. Bates, Grantham's former valet
Murray, Grantham solicitor

Matthew Crowley, heir
Sybil, Grantham daughter
Thomas, Lord Grantham's valet
Mrs. Crowley, Mattew's mothe
Mr. Moseley, Matthew's valet

1. Tell me all of your wedding plans and I'll see what I can do to improve them.
2. It's the stuff of my dreams, the panic that a dish isn't ready, a frock not allowed or a gun not cleaned.
3. Smithers did it, like all ladies maids she lives for intrigue.
dowager countess
4. They're not like horses, there won't be another in 10 minutes time.
5. Because when two people love each other, it's the most terrific fun.
6. Love and position in one package, who could ask for more.
7. It's not really what we do.
lord G

8. I feel like one of those bright young people you read about in the newspapers.
dinner guest

9. If you ask me, we are staring into the chaos of Gomorrah.

10. Listen to yourself, you sound like Tom Mix in one of those Wild West picture shows.
miss o'brien

11. I shall make sure he behaves normally or I will hold his hand on the radiator until he does.
dowager countess

12. I have no time to train young hobbledehoys.

13. Just remember what my mother used to say, never make an enemy by accident.

14. I'm expressing myself badly if you think it's not serious
Grantham's solictor

15. Are you really that tall, I thought you might have been walking on stilts.

16. An aristocrat with no servants is as much use to the county as a glass hammer.

17. We're all essential until we get sacked.

18. If he wants to play their game, he'd better learn their rules.

19. You still kept me here with a dishonest representation.

20. Don't worry about me, I'm an American, have gun, will travel.

21. We're brothers-in-law with high-minded wive, we'd better stick together
tom branson

22. For every escoffier Monsier LeCaren, there's a thousand dogsbodies being watched over by some crabby, red-faced old woman.
Miss O'b

22. They look to exciting for so early in the evening.

23. I don't know why you're getting so hot under the collar, he's only a grubby little chauffeur chap.

24. If I could control him, he wouldn't be here.
Lord G

25. She'll go into state mourning and cast a pall over the whole proceedings.

26. Are you going up to the house to welcome the Queen of Sheba?

27. You aren't the first drunk in that dining room, I can assure you.

28. It seems so strange to think of the English embracing change.

29. She drinks only boiled water, in England that is, no fat, no crab and nothing in the marrow family.
miss reed

30. Revolutions erupt, monarchies crash and the groom still cannot see the bride the night before the wedding.

31. She's like a homing pigeon, she finds our underbelly every time.

32. If only we had some coal, or gravel or tin.

33. If you must pay money, better to have a doctor than an undertaker.
mrs pattmore

34. His idée fixe is yachts, bigger yachts, faster yachts, something with yachts.

35. Now stop talking and kiss me before I get cross.

36. Would you please leave the hysteria to me.
Mrs. Hughes

37. Do you think I might have a drink? I'm so sorry, I thought you were a waiter.
countess (to her son)

38. I'm an American and this is 1920. Time to live a little.
Miss Reed

39. My income might be generous, but I can't touch the capital.

40. Sometimes I feel like a creature of the wilds whose natural habitat is gradually being destroyed.
Lord G

41. Everybody sprawled on the floor and eating like beaters on a break in the shooting, that's not a party…where's the style, where's the show?

42. Don't ever threaten me.

43. Are there still forbidden subjects in 1920, I can't believe it.

44. What's happened to you, have you switched places with your evil twin?

45. I'm so looking forward to seeing your mother. When I'm with her I'm reminded of the virtues of the English.