Sunday, February 28, 2010

Father Of The Dead

Here's a compelling profile of an American priest in Haiti, and a little bit about the country you really don't want to know any more about. It's long, but you should read it.

I'm making a list. Haiti has always been on it, Uganda, Myanmar...
“I think the fuller your life is, the less death is a threat to you,” says Father Rick. “Empty people are scared to death to die.”
...Nearly two weeks after the earthquake, a baby with severe burns on all four limbs, screams like she is on fire as her bandages are removed and her wounds cleaned. She’s been kicked to three hospitals and has only been given Ibuprofen for the pain. She repeatedly calls “mama, mama,” but only her father is there. She is so upset, she begins vomiting. With no nurse near and nothing to wipe up a mess with, the befuddled father simply cups his hands in front of her, letting his terrified daughter heave into them. 

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