Saturday, February 13, 2010

What Are We Interested In Today?

It's been a dry week for posts. I just can't seem to find much that got the adrenalin flowing enough to recommend.
For instance, this morning all I found was Bill Nighy (below) who got me wishing I'd done a better job of tagging that Brit comedy team I've used before and whose names I can't remember.
In the meantime, I've read the latest NYT analysis on our new Afghanistan effort and a pretty good diary over at Kos citing McClatchy's (as usual) excellent analysis of the filibuster.
But both can be summarized in one sentence — "Afghanistan war still a crapshoot even though we've changed strategy" (new phrase "government in a box" ready to go to put in place once we clear the Taliban out of this obscure area that we've cleared before, maybe that will make a difference) — Republican's abusing arcane Senatorial procedures for political gain (what else is new?).
It is so bad that I am seriously considering mopping the kitchen floor despite the fact we all know this is a fruitless exercise in the season of all mud, all the time.
Poor me.
Hope your weekend works out.
Cheers, Julimac

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