Monday, March 8, 2010

It's International Women's Day

and as a second-wave feminist, let me just say that I continue to support any incompetent, pandering, asshole woman's right to get just as far as any incompetent, pandering, asshole man.
That said, three (count them!)  women of the GOP: Anglin' Angela McLowan (R-FOX), Lashin' Liz Cheney and, and...somebody else. I had it right here.
Oh, yeah, Jivin' Jill Vogel.
Hmm, might have a roller derby team in the making.
The Cheney link is a long profile from NY Magazine and, you guessed it, she could run for president. She'll have to, really, because Sarah will have crashed and burned by 2012.

Oh, yeah, and another thing. Katherine Bigelow won best director Oscar yesterday. Definitely competent, not an asshole that I can tell. Pandering, well a little, maybe. But my inner Chad loved the movie. My outer Rebecca liked Generation Kill much better.

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