Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Fruitless Search

The editor of my old newspaper sent me a note this morning thanking me for correcting with irrefutable evidence ( a false assertion in a letter to the editor that went up online yesterday.
He has scrubbed it from the Web site and it will not be published in the paper.
That is not the way things were handled in the old days. We didn't care how outrageous the lie, we printed anything and everything that wasn't libelous. I am encouraged, but not much, really. All I had to do was Google a likely phrase to disprove the lie, which means that's all the editorial page editor needed to do as well.
He just didn't. Time. Laziness. Bias. Whatever.
It was a rightwing lie. The editorial page editor is an abject conservative. He has always been trusted to do the right thing, partly I think because he has a deceptively Mr. Rogers demeanor and personality. But the conservative position in this country is largely mean, bitter and self-righteous, I don't care what lipstick it wears.

Speaking of truth, the Titanic, for instance.

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  1. I am afraid you're right Julie. Regardless of lipstick color, it's mean, bitter, self-righteous. I'd add self-absorbed as well.