Saturday, May 14, 2011

Another Silly Time-Wasting Thing

to do on the internet.
Look in on Andrew Sullivan's View From Your Window Feature every Saturday (I love Saturdays although I missed This American Life Today and, wait, I have to turn on Radiolab), recognize nothing (okay, I got Paris once) and read all the selected answers on Tuesdays. People really get into it and it's sort of a mental puzzle for world travelers. I don't mind being an armchair traveler at all. Who wants to go on an airplane anyway?
I think today's is Cannes for no other reason than that I want to go to there and the film festival is there this week and one of my young FB friends who wisely left off newspapering and took up publicity is there and sending pictures of her breakfast. She likes the new Jack Sparrow movie, by the way, but then, she's young.

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