Monday, June 13, 2011


I've been away awhile. Well, not away, just otherwise occupied although not productively unless you count twisting my foot while mowing the lawn and diddling in the garden productive. I count it as entertainment.
So I too often put things I think are cool on my FB page, but few of my friends read Contrarienne and few of you are on FB so I will try to crosspost more often because I don't want to let Connie die just yet.
Anyhoo, everybody's saying Larry Summers is for more stimulus but that isn't really what he said apparently. I tried to link to his new Financial Times column in which he supposedly said it but FT doesn't like me. It says I'm registered and then it says I'm not and I'm too cranky to resolve it.
Now Summers is what Krugman calls a Very Serious Person (VSP) and he's partly to blame for this economic mess, so I gotta figure he's putting one up the flag pole or throwing some at the wall to see if it's sticky and if there's real Kabuki here, then we'll see some more stimulus at some point because even Cantor is backtracking on the debt ceiling now and I'd love to be a mouse in Obama's golf bag when he's out on the course with Boehner, because I don't think that insta-tan holds up well when your blood pressure suddenly falls into anaphalactic shock territory. At least I'm hoping Obama will just make a threat that can't be ignored and even help Johnno cover his ass during the retreat, because that's what it will have to be. I should have gone into politics. It all seems so clear to me.
But out of the TPM discussion I got this great Comment O' Teh Day:
The difference between theory and practice is that in theory there is no difference between theory and practice but in practice there is.
Later today I will post two cool new web sites you should know about, but I hafta go graduate from respiratory therapy. Let's see, shall I wear the crown or the purple graduation cap. Maybe both.
Cheers, Cnne

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  1. Congrats on graduation! I loved the theory & practice quote.