Saturday, July 23, 2011

Today In Other News

I've been avidly reading the back-and-forth on the debt ceiling debate over at TPM with my confirmation bias firmly at work agreeing with those who claim it's all just a show, Kabuki if you will, with Obama knowing full well the R's will never say yes in the end and we'll be back to the so-called "clean" lift, some version of the McConnell/Reid "plan," what everyone knew was the end game but the process has left the R's looking like total morons to the general public, especially the general public that regards itself as independent voters.
A Huffpo report (they do report, sometimes quite well) says the speed bump was a matter of $400 billion disagreement, peanuts.
We'll see.
In the meantime, Amy Winehouse has died, presumably an overdose. I think I saw her perform on SNL. She was talented, lost and doomed.
And then there's the famine, of course.
Think I'll go to the market. Shorty will like that.

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