Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jeebus Was Not A Socialist, But Newt Is

UPDATE: There's a nice discussion going on over at MeFi about the Mitt video and I particuarly liked this comment:
Well put together. Some touches I particularly appreciated:

- They never mention that he's a Mormon (could be controversial) but... they do a slow pan over a Timecover that mentions it. Time is so middle of the road and boring that this couldn't possibly cause trouble and they manage to sneak it in.

- Clips of him speaking French (with an atrocious accent) as part of an Olympics promotional thing for the SLC event. Perfectly lines up with the image his enemies want to project.

- This one late middle aged woman they 'cast' (and that is what they did, the aggrieved ordinary people here were meticulously curated) hits this perfect note at some point when her voice almost but not quite cracks. Fantastic! I bet they did a fist pump in the editing bay when they saw that footage.

- The rest of the casting was great too. Instead of being artistically lazy and having someone talk about their military service, they had him wear a Vietnam baseball cap, somebody was paying attention when they were taught to show rather than to tell!

I don't know what's more fun, watching Newt now promising to stick to criticizing Obama and the backer of the Newt SuperPAC, Sheldon Adelson, say he just wrote a $5 million check and had no say on that devastating Mitt hit piece (second video), ...or knowing that they are providing the Obama campaign with the greatest gift since Osama was killed.

As one TPM commenter put it, "never get in a stink contest with a skunk."

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