Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What Now Post-Iowa

Here's what Andrew Sullivan expects:
But how remarkable that the Tea Party infused GOP has picked two of the most fiscally liberal candidates as their final two. Now Newt and Santorum will savage Romney; and the press will expose Santorum. Paul will have his delegates and will have to be handled right if he is not to indirectly re-elect Obama in a landslide.
 I also do not see Santorum lasting long and who knows what Newt will do, he's such a loose cannon. Sullivan also noted that Santorum didn't even file signatures in Virginia, so maybe Romney can promise to make him Secretary of State. Or maybe that's what Newt wants, I dunno.
But I'm not convinced that a third-party run for Paul wouldn't be just as bad for Obama as for Romney. I just picture all these techno geeks as his base, but maybe that's wrong. Haven't really seen any analysis of his supporters.

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