Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dept. Of Women I Should Have Heard Of Dept.

Photographer Cindy Sherman has a new show coming up in New York and I am glad I bothered to read about it and I am glad they reproduced some of the images in the NYT story. Sadly, I'll probably never see the 16-foot images printed on something like contact paper. That would be cool.
The self-portrait aspects of her work are the most popular, and while I'm intrigued with what she has done, the apparent narcissism of it attracts/repels me. Is it okay, are we destined to be narcissists or are we just in a phase that will be forgotten in history as we evolve into the Borg? Um, it's late and I'm wide awake now.
I'm also wondering how we can take seriously an artist named Cindy. On the other hand, I guess we're okay with the Bobbies of the world, the Lennys. Like I said, it's late.

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