Thursday, March 15, 2012

'The President Likes Salted Caramel'

So do I. I heard about this dinner on the radio last night and wanted some of that bison Wellington right away. But no, just ham and eggs here.
Okay, why am I putting this up? Just for giggles. I ran across it while searching for and successfully finding the great Q&A between Obama and the Congressional Republicans at their annual conference two years ago. (Q&A starts at about 19:17) Storing up ammunition for the war to come, that one for the expected teleprompter skirmish.

Bonus: Colbert on the long, drawn-out Republican primaries.
"This is great. The Democrats had the same situation when they won last time in 2008. Now, Republicans get that Hilary vs. Obama magic, minus any women or black people. Or magic."

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