Monday, July 11, 2011

Oooh, Spy Stuff!

I've been in love with the whole Stuxnet story ever since news broke (last year?) that some very clever, complicated, etc. computer worm/virus has set Iran's nuclear program back significantly. Oddly enough, the Iranians ultimately acknowledged it.
There are a couple new articles out, one on Wired and one in Vanity Fair, about the whole thing, but I don't read many long pieces anymore.
But there's links to them and a really fun discussion of it all over at MetaFilter if you want.
(See that link at the top? Blogger is fucking with me.)
And just to make things interesting all Day of the Condor, two Iranian nuclear physicists were attacked just recently on their way to work, one killed.

UPDATE: Aw, shit, nevermind that first link. Mefiers so far  hate the new articles and the thread to read is from last November. And fun.

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