Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What A Cliffhanger

I was about to go put on my lawnmowing jeans and get busy, but what should appear, but Obama daring the R's to touch the third rail.
That's right, forget that 14th Amendment bullshit, he said our Social Security checks may not be issued next month.
Within hours, McConnell was being quoted as saying something along the lines that the R's will go along with raising the debt ceiling WITHOUT spending cuts. TPM is scrambling to get more as we speak.
From what I've seen of both McConnell's incomplete story and the Boehner quote from this morning, they're falling back on trying to blame Obama for whatever, a pretty weak hand, not even a pair of two's, really.
My take, Mitch is afraid to burn his fingers or, OR, he and his buddies read Ezra Klein's blog from yesterday ( or was it Sunday) and realized Boehner had walked away from a huge deficit reduction that their math whizzes had missed, and that was going to hurt big time next year. Hell, even now, in some of the smaller elections.
Even that mealy-mouth David  Brooks told them they may not be fit to govern.
That New York defeat could have been just the beginning. The first Wisconsin recall election is today. The D vying for Harman's seat in Cali is safe by the latest measure and the R's were hoping they had a chance.
Wait, is that the sound of dominoes falling or is that Obama scooping up everything on the table?
I know, but I can dream can't I?
I want my team to win, and I agree that despite the extension of the Bush tax cuts last fall, he snookered the opposition (minority opinion, I know). I want this to be a gigantic trap that will kill the neocons, the Tea Party and the rest of the schmucks for good.
I want Obama to make history with this.
Stay tuned. Do I dare leave my seat?

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