Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hang In There

Help is on the way.
I well remember the 60 Minutes interview with the (MIT, I think) researchers who had done enough work on resveratrol to convince them to incorporate and seek venture capital. They ultimately sold out their company, staying on board to direct the work.
The prospects for useful anti-aging drugs on the market were 5-15 years, they said, so just stay alive, Boomers, and you may benefit.
The findings “demonstrate for the first time the feasibility of designing novel molecules that are safe and effective in promoting longevity and preventing multiple age-related diseases in mammals,” Dr. de Cabo and colleagues write in Thursday’s issue of the new journal Scientific Reports.
The drug is one of a set of chemicals designed by Sirtris, a small pharmaceutical company in Cambridge, Mass., to mimic resveratrol — the trace ingredient of red wine thought to activate protective proteins called sirtuins.
Of course, no telling how much it could cost but there's a case to be made for the reasonable cost/mass market profit model vs. the rich-people-only/premium market.

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  1. The news from NASA today that the comet "Elenin" that will come close to the Earth in October (possible collision is "remote" they say). This also corresponds to the end of the Mayan calender (remember the movie?), but NASA says that IF there were a collision, it won't kill us all. Goggle Elenin for more fascinating news. Maybe it is a bit premature to start saving your your loose change to buy resveratol. But it might solve the future decisions on the US debt ceiling.