Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Know It's Crazy

but I allow for that. Here's the thing, cancer researchers are talking about the microbes that appear to occupy our bodies at a pretty dense ratio as if these other organisms might...oh, I doing things we not only don't understand, but hardly even recognized even a few years ago.
It's science fictiony, really. Not that they have controlling intelligence or anything. Or do they? What is our unconscious, anyway?
On top of that, there's the particle physics people and the notions of multiple universes not out there and big but somewhere close by, but really, really small.
Time for bed.
As they look beyond the genome, cancer researchers are also awakening to the fact that some 90 percent of the protein-encoding cells in our body are microbes. We evolved with them in a symbiotic relationship, which raises the question of just who is occupying whom.
“We are massively outnumbered,” said Jeremy K. Nicholson, chairman of biological chemistry and head of the department of surgery and cancer at Imperial College London. Altogether, he said, 99 percent of the functional genes in the body are microbial.
...The enemy inside us is every bit as formidable as imagined invaders from beyond. Learning to outwit it is leading science deep into the universe of the living cell.
Just a metaphor, you say? Bwahahaha.

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