Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Catholics And Contraception

I've seen a lot of seemingly heartfelt, rationally argued comments lately about the current controversy over whether Church-owned institutions should offer insurance that pays for employee contraception.
The bishops argue these people (I'm thinking about the CNAs, janitors, cafeteria workers) can just pay out of pocket (up to $50 a month) for pregnancy protection.
The commenters argue it's an offense against their faith, although it's shaky whether a Catholic car dealer would have the same challenge to his faith, and his situation is not at issue. He has to provide such insurance.
But just in case there's any doubt about what Catholic women think, this little piece of data might shed some light.

Sixty-eight percent of Catholic
women use highly effective methods: sterilization
(32%, including 24% using female sterilization,) the
pill or another hormonal method (31%) and the IUD
Yeah, that's right, 68 percent.

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