Monday, February 6, 2012

RIP Susan G. Komen

Huffpo has a good story up today, pursuing while MM (mainstream media) walked away.
Sufficient evidence, rather than speculation, that the radically right-wing new VP was behind it all.

My take?

The trouble with this story is that Komen still lied, denying Handel's influence. Hell yes she should resign, and they should have asked her to and the announcement should have come with the reversal. Fall on your sword, Karen, you're the one who unsheathed it.
In my opinion, Komen doesn't come off any better in crisis management mode than it did while in baldfaced denial of fact. How many donor dollars went for the revised script, I wonder.
So the "sophisticated" Planned Parenthood just did what even old back woods I would have done, shouted it to the rooftops, sending out an action call not only to the usual suspects, but every intelligent person on the planet. Social Media 101 is like basic newspaper reporting, call everybody you can think of. If that's sophisticated, I guess I should start drinking cucumber martinis. No, maybe not. I know, balsamic donuts!
(With basil, "savory" donuts. I think I just thought of the next new thing. Move over cupcakes, your time is so-o-o 2010.)

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