Sunday, April 8, 2012

I Am Incognito

UPDATE: Facebook friends to the rescue. I have never been exactly what you'd call grateful for FB before. It's an odd feeling.

I have screwed up my email and can't seem to access my gmail account either. Aargh! I think I will have to pay for help. F****!


  1. That doesn't sound good. Anything I could do do help? Don't know what that might be, since it just occurred to me that you can reply by email (of course) and I have never figured out the new Facebook interface. And I know nothing about Macs. I guess all I can do is empathize with you and wish you good luck.

  2. OOPS, that should have read "can't reply by email", not "can reply by email". And I'm not sure I used "empathize" correctly. I am just out of practice I guess.