Monday, June 28, 2010

Contrarienne Reviews 50 Top Videos

This is the best, partly because it's only five seconds but also because it made me laugh out loud. Well, Charlie biting my finger was the best. Then this.

What's really embarrassing is that Contrarienne had seen 30 of the 50 videos.
It took more than an hour to scan through, not watch, them all. Anything over two minutes without good music is a speech, not a YouTube video. Most of the ones I hadn't seen weren't worth it. I should have liveblogged, but because I watch it so you don't have to, here's the recommended list.
#15 Wedding Dance
#16 Sneezing Panda
#17 Otters Holding Hands
#27 Hillary ! classic
#36 if you want to know what auto-tune is, you'll know enough at 1:38
#40 Thriller in Manilla
#42 SNL's Adam Samburg--Lazy Sunday--classic
#43 Diet Coke and Mentos, you know you want it
#47 Skateboard Dog
#48 Christian the Lion (you'll probably cry)

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